Roots in family, focus on the future.

The Price Family

Acme, Alberta ·  Canada

Industry-leading production practices, in the perfect environment for top-quality livestock.

Since 1970, Sunterra has had the long-term commitment that’s so essential for success in agriculture. That commitment starts with genetics specifically designed to meet the exact specifications of the company’s domestic and international customers. It includes strict standards for breeding performance, custom-designed nutrition protocols and high health status.

Over the years, Sunterra has built on our location’s natural advantage by using the most modern management practices to produce the best hogs. At the same time, Sunterra Farms has remained a responsible corporate citizen, committed to preserving the environment on which we all depend.

Sunterra Farms is fully committed to new and progressive approaches to business and products. The result is meat whose colour, taste and food safety are the finest in the world.

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